Contract service

Research support (FTEs)

For the contract period ranging between one month and one year, we exclusively assign researchers and equipment to your project to ensure its progress. We can contribute to accelerate your project via a proposal that utilizes the high-level technical skills of our researchers.

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    the request details

    - Objectives and targets
    - Presence/absence of a formula and experience

  2. 2


    - Study items
    - Schedule, etc.

  3. 3


    - Importance of communication with your company
    - Proposal-based studies

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    - Weekly reports (or monthly reports)
    - Final report

FTE research examples

Selection of raw materials Examination of the overseas bulk materials and management of the contract manufacturing of raw materials
Discussions on the reaction conditions Determination of manufacturable formulas, improving the yield, avoidance of a hazardous reaction, prevention of byproducts, and determination of cost-efficient formulas
Investigation of the isolation & purification method Avoidance of chromatography and examining for crystallization, purity improvement, and impurity control
Determination of the quality testing methods Determination of intermediate test methods and final product quality test method. Validation of these tests.
Determination of GMP-based active pharmacological ingredient production formulas Determining reaction and processing condition. Controlling impurities. Setting standards for raw materials and intermediates.

Inquiries about products and technologies

Please contact us for consultations and inquiries regarding products and technologies.

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