Message from the President - NARD Institute Ltd.

We are here to take on the challenges
of your research and development.

Left: Yukio Dohi, President
Right: Morimasa Arakawa, Founder

The NARD Spirit

With a clear and common goal, we should use our creative powers cooperatively to contribute to society.

We should each nourish our own spirit of independence and, while keeping a broad perspective, concentrate on cultivating our abilities and maintaining good health. We should become experts in this technique.

On the foundation of mutual trust, we should recognize each other and utilize the power of teamwork, to achieve our goals.

  NARD Institute was established in 1972 to provide contract research services to the chemical industry. Although our initial focus was organic synthesis, over the years we have expanded operations to include inorganic and polymer chemistry. Our researchers attend personally to customers' requests, working closely to overcome the challenges of research and development. We are not intimidated by the risks of research, and face its difficulties with resolution. In this way, we have built relationships of trust with our customers in advanced industries ranging from electronics and automobiles, to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

  In accordance with GMP standards, the ISO9001 accredited NARD Chemicals Ltd. has established a responsible production regime that is implemented consistently from preliminary research to manufacturing. Fine chemical synthesis and development of functional materials, the two main areas of our business, work symbiotically to produce an environment that yields broad-based solutions, tailored to the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

  Although modern society is confronted with various environmental and health-related challenges, we believe that science and technology hold the answers. This makes us proud of our contribution to society in our service as researchers.

Yukio Dohi

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