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As an expert in chemical synthesis,
we engage in advanced research and development

During research and development, it is essential to obtain high-quality molecules and materials that can be used to determine the product function. However, it can be complicated and difficult in our technologically advanced society to develop such materials without any expertise.

To overcome such issues, NARD Institute Ltd. works independently as well as with several partners who are chemical synthesis specialists with respect to research and development. To provide high-quality materials and products to the society, we embrace the challenge of contributing to the development of the manufacturing industry by conducting research and development at the molecular level.

Record of
75 patent applications as of December 2017

Examples of research projects

Collaborative product developments with other companies

We were responsible for the chemical synthesis in a co-funded and collaborative development project. We also jointly obtained and maintained the intellectual properties generated by the research.

Collaborative research and development with academia

We proactively work on cutting-edge research challenges.
We accelerate the speed of research by jointly applying for funding grants.

We seamlessly provide materials for application across wide range of research and development stages.

We possess a track record of outstanding performance in various processes, from the synthesis of small amounts of samples to the establishment of a production technology.
We work in collaboration with our partners from the early stages of research and development to manufacturing.

In addition to the above, we are happy to discuss other scenarios. Please feel free to consult us.

Inquiries about products and technologies

Please contact us for consultations and inquiries regarding products and technologies.

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