Research and
development system

Life Science department

With our many years of experience in organic synthesis technologies, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals, the Life Science groups support research and development in the life sciences.

We handle a wide range of requests. Our services include synthesizing samples of known substances, as well as designing new compounds, proposing synthesis routes and implementation, and even managing library synthesis for production-process development.
For FTE research contracts, our in-house researchers will proactively make proposals utilizing database searches, the latest synthesis technologies, and analytical instruments to accelerate your research and development. Furthermore, a relationship with GMP-compliant NARD Chemicals will allow us to provide consistent support services from research samples to large-scale trial-manufacturing.

Material Science department

The Material Science groups provide a full range of support services, from research and development to establishing a production system.

We support research and development in functional materials, such as electronic materials and next-generation batteries. We contribute to the development of new materials utilizing organic, inorganic, and macromolecule synthesis and compositization technologies.
A close relationship with NARD Chemicals allows us to provide consistent support services, from research samples to large-scale trial-manufacturing (ISO compliancy possible).

Corporate Research department

The Corporate Research Department draws on technologies and experience accumulated over many years of contract research to drive research that will become the core of the future for NARD Institute.

By taking a mid-to-long range perspective, the Corporate Research group develops next-generation businesses and products that will become the basis for the future by accommodating the fast-paced changes of the era.
Marketing developed products is also an important mission of the company.
Our objective is to develop original technologies and products through joint research with other companies in close collaboration with our Life Science and Material Science groups.

Inquiries about the research and development systems

Please contact us for consultations and inquiries regarding research and development systems.

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