Environment policy

NARD Institute Ltd. is a company that provides contract research services. The output of our corporate research activities makes a wide-level contribution to human culture. The processes we use and the materials we generate determine the environmental impact of manufactured products.
We are very aware of the impact of manufacturing on the environment and give due consideration on the needs of the global environment in establishing our environmental policy. With our wisdom and technical expertise, we strive to realize our commitment to the environment.


  • 1. In fulfilling our social responsibility of protecting the global environment, we have established an environmental management system. This system involves the participation of every employee for continuous environment performance improvement and working towards the prevention of pollution.
  • 2. In the field of environmental protection, we will abide by all applicable legal regulations, as well as all other codes of conduct our company has committed to with respect to environmental protection.
  • 3. We actively work towards the protection of the global environment by designing our research activities to adhere to the following themes:
    • - Research in minimizing components that increases the environmental burden
    • - Research on alternatives to products that have a high environmental footprint
    • - Research to minimize environmental burden caused by various manufacturing processes
    • - Research on manufacturing processes that conserve resources and energy
  • 4. From the standpoint of environmental conservation, we strive to use sustainable natural resources as well as adapt our processes to mitigate climate change, respond to climate change, and protect ecosystems.
  • 5. To fulfill these responsibilities and ensure the quality of our environmental initiatives, this policy will be made known to all employees. No effort will be spared in educating and creating awareness of our policy.

We publicly announce our environmental policy to Japan and the world.


Yukio Dohi
President and CEO

NARD Institute, Ltd. is an ISO 14001-accredited company.



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