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Custom synthesized Phos-tag compounds

We synthesize special Phos-tag compounds.

Phos-tag is a functional molecule that traps every phosphoprotein, including Ser, Thr, and Tyr. We have a series of products available for the separation, detection, analysis, and purification of phosphoprotein.

Phos-tag SDS-PAGE データ集
Phos-tag was developed at the Functional Molecular Science Laboratory of the Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences at the Hiroshima University.

List of customized Phos-tag products

We offer special sales of the customized Phos-tag products in stock.

Phos-tag™ fluorescent stain gel

This is a reagent for phosphorylation fluorescent imaging analysis that allows for staining at physiological pH. The reagent selectively binds with the pSer, pThr, pTyr, pHis, and pAsp residues. The staining process requires approximately 2 hours. Radioactive materials, chemical labels, or antibodies are not required. Procedures lower in the procedural stream, such as CBB staining or MS analyses, can be applied.
Visualization is also possible by combining Phos-tag SDS–PAGE and conventional SDS–PAGE.

Phos-tag™ Yellow

0.2mg  20,000 JPY

Phos-tag™ Magenta

0.2mg  20,000 JPY

Phos-tag™ Cyan

0.2mg  20,000 JPY

Phos-tag™ Aqua

0.2mg  20,000 JPY

Mixed reagents for Phos-tag™ Common Solution 5x

A stain solution/washing solution reagent is available for Phos-tag fluorescent stain gels. A common solution of 5× concentration is made by diluting with purified water to 500 ml.
5,000 JPY

Any product contains reagents that can be used for staining a mini-gel at least 20 times.

Phos-tag for condensing phosphorylated peptide

Phos-tag MG-Bead

Phos-tag ligand carrying no magnetic beads, allowing high throughput for experiments.
Binding volume: 1µmol/mL-gel

100µL-gel  99,000 JPY

Phos-tag Tip

Product grade is optimized for the use of mass analysis.

nAG1-103 [High-sensitive MS analysis]
10µL-gel x8  18,000 JPY

Production-to-order products

We synthesize your requested Phos-tag tip on a made-to-order basis.

nAG2-103 [Large volume]
50µL-gel x8  64,000 JPY

Phos-tag labeled with a dye

This is a dye-labeled Phos-tag ligand.

Phos-tag Coumarin

5mg  49,000 JPY

Phos-tag Dabsyl

5mg  49,000 JPY

Phos-tag TAMRA

5mg  49,000 JPY

Amino acid Phos-tag

Complex of Phos-tag and amino acid. The N-end is protected by Fmoc.

Phos-tag Lys

10mg  Pricing can be separately discussed

Phos-tag Glu
Production-to-order products

10mg  Pricing can be separately discussed


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“A Phos-tag-based fluorescence resonance energy transfer system for the analysis of the kinase reaction of a substrate peptide”
Analytical Methods, 3,1303-09 (2011)
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“Identification of cAMP-dependent phosphorylated proteins involved in the formation of environment-resistant resting cysts by the terrestrial ciliate Colpoda cucullus”
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“Phos-tag beads as an immunoblotting enhancer for selective detection ofphosphoproteins in cell lysates” Analytical Biochemistry, 389,83-85 (2009) E. Kinoshita-Kikuta, E. Kinoshita, and T. Koike

In addition to available Phos-tag products,
we handle the synthesis of customized Phos-tag compounds required for your research.
Please let us know your request.

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