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Our goal is to help our clients solve challenges in research and development and provide support.

NARD Institute was established in 1972 to provide contract research services to the chemical industry sector. Although our research initially focused on organic synthesis at the time of the founding of the company, we have expanded our operations to include inorganic and polymer chemistry. Our researchers directly respond to our clients' requests and jointly conduct projects to resolve challenges that must be resolved. Although many research and development projects involve themes that can be challenging, we are not intimidated by the risks and have built a relationship of trust with our clients by boldly taking on those challenges. Presently, our business is highly valued by many clients in cutting-edge fields, including pharmaceuticals and materials for the electronics, automotive, and biotechnology sectors.
For scale-up of production, NARD Chemicals, Ltd. offers a consistent operating system from research to manufacturing based on GMP standardization and ISO 9001 accreditation. As the needs of the clients are becoming more demanding every year, we respond to these needs with a dynamic organizational structure that creates an environment where the businesses of “fine chemical synthesis” and “development of functional materials” jointly functions efficiently and flexibly for a wide range of implementations from synthesis research to applied development.

Modern society faces various challenges in the life sciences and global environment. We believe that science and technology hold the answers to meeting these challenges. We will continue to contribute to society with our research and development services.

Yukio Dohi
President and CEO

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