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NARD Institute, Ltd. (hereinafter referred as "the company") has established the following privacy policy and systems that protects personal information. All employees understand the importance of protecting personal information and are required to strictly implement the policy. This principle is the driving force in protecting personal information.

Collection of personal information

The company clearly specifies the purpose of use of personal information in advance. Personal information to achieve objectives are collected by legal means and in accordance with public responsibility.

Management of personal information

The company keeps our clients’ personal information accurate and up to date. To prevent unauthorized access to, loss, corruption, falsification, or leak of personal information, we have implemented the required measures, such as maintenance of security and management systems and education of our employees. In this way, we have security systems in place to ensure strict management of personal information. We also enlighten our board members and employees through education. Personal information that are collected will be stored for 10 years before being permanently deleted.

Purpose of using personal information

The company will clearly reveal how personal information will be used to the individual concerned. Furthermore, the information collected will be used for business purposes within the stated range of objectives for collection of personal information.

Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties is prohibited.

The company will appropriately manage personal information collected from our clients and will not disclose any information to third parties except for the situations described below. If personal information is disclosed to a third party, we will ensure that the third party takes appropriate measures in protecting personal information, such as prevention of information leakage.

  • - Consent is received from the customer.
  • - Information is disclosed to vendors within the range necessary for the vendor to implement the service requested by the client.
  • - Disclosure is mandated in accordance with the law
  • - In the case of a business succession occurring in accordance with the law due to a merger, company split, business transfer, or other reasons

Security measures to protect personal information

To secure the accuracy and safety of personal information, our company takes all possible security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, loss, corruption, falsification, or leak of personal information. Furthermore, by providing training and education programs on personal information protection on a regular basis, we provide awareness-raising activities to employees who handle personal information

Viewing your personal information

If a client wishes to view, correct, or delete their stored personal information, a request can be made using the prescribed procedure to confirm the requester's identity. Please contact us for inquiries or requests for consultation regarding personal information. In any case, we will respond appropriately in accordance with the laws pertaining to personal information.

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Compliance with laws and regulation and review of the policy

We comply with all laws and regulations relating to personal information in Japan. We regularly evaluate our personal information policy for the purpose of continuously improving its effectiveness.


Please contact the following for inquiries regarding our personal information policy.

NARD Institute, Ltd.
2-6-1 Nishinagasu-cho, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture 660-0805, Japan
TEL.+81-6-6482-7010  FAX.+81-6-6482-8020

Last updated on June 20, 2019

Inquiries regarding privacy policy

Please contact us for consultations and inquiries regarding privacy policy.

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