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Contract manufacturing

In coordination with NARD Chemicals, our wholly owned subsidiary, we offer services that address your requirements across various research stages, ranging from sample synthesis at an early stage of research to the product manufacturing stage.

We handle the development of manufacturing methods of research samples for which there are no established methods for synthesis and the investigation of manufacturing process flows before production and actual manufacturing.
Our manufacturing facilities are compliant with the ISO9001 and GMP standards, enabling us to offer high-quality products.

NARD Chemicals Ltd. offers various contract manufacturing services ranging from initial development to final product manufacturing with a strict quality assurance system and well-suited, flexible response.

Specializing in the manufacturing of large variety of products in rather small quantity Each employee's high level of technical expertise Quality assurance that satisfies your expectations (GMP, ISO9001 certified)

Inquiries about products and technologies

Please contact us for consultations and inquiries regarding products and technologies.

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