Facilities and plants

NARD Institute facilities overview

Name of equipment/device Manufacturer Note
Handling of highly active
pharmacological equipment
OEL:0.1 - 1µg/m3
HPLC Shimadzu Corporation,
Hitachi, Ltd.
Multiple units
GC Shimadzu Corporation Multiple units
FT-NMR JEOL Ltd. 400MHz (4 units)
GC-MS Shimadzu Corporation GCMS-QP2010plus
GC-MS Shimadzu Corporation GCMS-QP2020NX
LC-MS (Quadrupole) Waters,
Shimadzu Corporation
Can accommodate UPLC
(Waters Corporation),
APCI (Shimadzu Corporation)
MALDI-TOF-MS Shimadzu Corporation AXIMA
GPC separation system Japan Analytical Industry Co., Ltd LC-908, LC-9130NEXT
HPLC fractionation system GL Sciences, Inc.,
Shimadzu Corporation
MPLC (medium pressure chromatography)
Moritex, Ltd,
Yamazen Corporation
Infrared spectrophotometer (FT-IR) Thermo iS10
Ultraviolet spectrophotometer (UV) Shimadzu Corporation UV-1800, etc.
Spectrophotometer DeNovix, Inc. DS-11+
ICP-OES Agilent Technologies, Inc. 710ICP-OES
ICP-MS Perkin Elmer Co., Ltd 710ICP-OES
Glovebox UNICO 6 units
Contact-angle tensiometer FACE
Thermal analysis device NETSCH DSC-3100SA
Thermal analysis device Mac Science (X-ray Science Corporation) TG-DTA200SA
Photoreactors Eikosha Co., Ltd. High- and low-pressure mercury lamps
Ozone generators Sumitomo Precision Products, Ltd. Approximately 3.5 g/hr
Microwave reactor Shikoku Instrumentation Co., Ltd.
Ultrasonic oscillator SMT  UH-150
High-vacuum distillation system In-house assembly 30+ fractions, min., ≥1 Torr
Sublimation equipment In-house production
Lyophilizer equipment Tokyo Rikakikai Co., Ltd.
Autoclave Taiatsu Techno Corporation 50 mL - 3.0 L, multiple units
Centrifuge separator KUBOTA 7000  6200
Fluorescence spectrophotometer Shimadzu Corporation RF-6000
CHN elemental analyzer Perkin Elmer Co., Ltd. 2400II
Karl Fischer moisture meter (titration method) Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. MKH-700, MKV-710
Moisture vaporator device Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ADP-611
MS trigger system for measurements Waters,
Shimadzu Corporation
Polarimeter instrument JASCO Corporation
GPC analysis equipment Tosoh Corporation,
Viscotek Co., Ltd.,
Shimadzu Corporation
Multiple Units
GPC (Optical Scatter) Viscotech Co., Ltd.
X-ray Powder Diffractometry PANalytical X'pert3powder
DLS Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS
Tensile tester Shimadzu Corporation AUTOGRAPH
Laser diffraction scattering-type
particle size measuring analyzer
Shimadzu Corporation SALD-2300
Particle-size scatter measuring apparatus Horiba Ltd. CAPA-700
Color and shade difference meter Konica-Minolta, Inc.
Surface structure analyzer Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd.
Impact tester (coating) Taiyu Kizai. Co., Ltd.
Drawing tester (coating) Taiyu Kizai. Co., Ltd.
Bending tester (coating) Taiyu Kizai. Co., Ltd.
Adhesion tester Oxjack Co., Ltd.
UV irradiation device Toshiba Corporation
Electrical furnace Ikeda Chemical Co., Ltd,
As One Corporation, etc.
- 1500℃
Homomixer Primix Corporation
Homogenizer Nissei Corporation
Ultrasonic homogenizer SONICS VCX-500
Planetary ball-mill Fritsch Japan Co.,Ltd. P-7, premium line P-7
SC-type grinding mill Nippon Coke & Engineering Co., Ltd. SC-16
Spin-coating machine Mikasa Industrial Products Co., Ltd.
Non-bubbling kneader Nissei Corporation NBK-1
Tabletop kneader Irie Shokai Co, Ltd. PNV-1H type
Microscope Keyence Corporation VHX-900
Deaerator Thinky Corporation Awatori Rentaro ARV-310
Surface meter Quantachrome Corporation Monosorb
Dip coater Asumi Giken, Ltd. N100
B-type viscometer Toki Sangyo Co., Ltd. TVB-15
E-type viscometer Toki Sangyo Co., Ltd. TV-22, TV-25

NARD Institute, Ltd (main equipment as of October 2018)

NARD Chemicals facilities overview

Reaction equipment (d2G4 applicable)

Reactor (SUS) Reactor (GL)
(Pressure resistance 0.98 MPa)
-15 - 120℃
-15 - 120℃
(Pressure resistance 0.88 MPa)
-15 - 120℃
-15 - 120℃
-80 - 180℃
-50 - 250℃
-100 - 250℃
-50 - 250℃
-80 - 250℃
-80 - 250℃
-80 - 250℃
-15 - 120℃
-15 - 120℃
-15 - 120℃
-15 - 120℃
(Pressure resistance 0.5 MPa)
-15 - 120℃
-15 - 120℃
-40 - 200℃
-40 - 200℃
-40 - 200℃

NARD Chemicals, Ltd (main equipment as of January 2024)

Cleanroom number one (Class 10,000)

Water purification equipment x1 Filter (GL) Jet pulverizer
GL 200 L reactor x1 GL 100 L reactor x1 SUS vacuum tray dryer (3m2)

NARD Chemicals, Ltd (main equipment as of December 2018)

  • Cleanroom number one
  • 500 L GL reactor
    (Pressure resistance: 0.5 MPa)
  • 500 L SUS reactor
    (Pressure resistance: 0.88 MPa)

Cleanroom number two (Class 100,000)

16m2 Small-scale production and purification equipment

NARD Chemicals, Ltd (main equipment as of December 2018)

Auxiliary equipment

Centrifugal-flow thin-film vacuum evaporator (Capacity: 200 kg/h) x1
Portable agitator 8
Oil heater/cooler MAX250℃x30kw
Steam boiler (500kg/h)x2
Freezer (-20℃, brine) 90,000kcal/h, 69,000kcal/h, 50,000kcal/h
Filtration equipment 30 inch centrifuge: (SUS)x2, (resin-lined) x1
30 inch centrifuge: Portable aflon-lined x1
PP filter press (3.3m2)x2, (1.0m2)x1, (7.2m2)x1
Pressure filtration equipment, (SUS) x2, (GL) x2
Nutsche vacuum filtration machine, (SUS) x13, (PP) x8
Vacuum pump (oil-sealed rotary) x 9, (water-sealed) x6, mechanical booster x7
Dryer Vacuum dryer (GL: conical), 500 L volume x1
Vacuum dryer (SUS: shelved), 1.8m2 - 5m2 cubic volume x6
Vacuum dryer (SUS: conical), 700 L volume x1, 100 L x1
Vacuum dryer (SUS: shelved), 1,300 L volume x1
Cryogenic freezer -25℃ 310Lx1, 500Lx1, -35℃ 360Lx5, 420Lx1,
-60℃ 470Lx2, -80℃ 180Lx1
Cooling box 16.5m2x1
Rotary evaporator 10Lx1, 100Lx4
Chromatography column (PYREX)100Lx1
(SUS)50Lx1, 100Lx2, 200Lx2
260 L short column x1, 200 L short column x1
Ion exchange water system 2
Grinder mill Sample mill x1, cutter mill x1

NARD Chemicals, Ltd (main equipment as of December 2018)

  • 400 L SUS reactor
  • 100 L Rotary evaporator
  • Centrifugal-flow thin-film vacuum evaporator
  • Vacuum dryer (SUS shelved)
  • Vacuum dryer (SUS conical)
  • Filter press

Main analytical equipment

Gas chromatograph (FID) Liquid chromatography (UV, PDA, RI, GPC) Karl Fischer moisture meter
(volumetric method, coulometric method)
Infrared spectrophotometer Spectrophotometer Polarimeter
Automatic titrator Particle-size-scatter measuring apparatus Thermo-hygrostat
Liquid chromatography mass analyzer (LC/MS) Photostability testing apparatus  

NARD Chemicals, Ltd (main equipment as of December 2018)

  • Process flow management department
  • Technical department
  • Quality control department

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