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As your best partner in chemical products, we continue to meet the challenge of providing high-level contract manufacturing solutions.

NARD Chemicals, Ltd. was established in 1983 as a manufacturing scale-up unit of NARD Institute. We continue to adhere to NARD Institute’s founding spirits. For roughly 35 years, we have specialized in contract manufacturing of R&D-phase chemical compounds.

Our greatest asset is the cultivation of experience as well as achievements realized by our employees during rapid manufacturing scale-up, even before finalization of synthesis procedures.

In 1995, we became a licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer; furthermore, in 1999, we were ISO 9002-certified (now ISO 9001) to meet international standards for quality management systems. We have now introduced many products into the market while improving our quality assurance system.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with reactors from 50 L to 3000 L, as well as other highly adaptable and flexible unique devices. We have also expanded our reactor, clean room and kilogram-scale sublimation equipments, thereby allowing us to produce high-purity sublimation products in a clean environment.

The scope of our chemical compound synthesis operations ranges from pharmaceuticals and medically-related life sciences to the material sciences, including materials for electronics. In recent years, we have further expanded to include a wide variety from low-molecular-weight compounds and polymers.

By establishing a production process flow appropriate for each chemical compound and stage of development in the shortest period of time as well as implementing production on a demonstration scale, NARD Chemicals is confident that we can play a vital role in addressing your unique challenges in both R&D and manufacturing.

Working closely with the NARD Institute within the framework and the NARD founding spirit, we will continue to make a contribution to society as R&D support specialists.

Yuzo Ogawa

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