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Molecular imaging

Considerable support for the research and development of molecular imaging

The objective of molecular imaging is to non-invasively visualize changes in groups of internal molecules (enzymes, genes, membranes, etc.) to allow dynamic and quantitative observations. In this field, positron emission tomography is considered to be a typical example of the research technique. In recent years, Fluorescence or near-infrared techniques have also been used in the fields of biochemistry and regenerative medicine.

The fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, and cutting-edge engineering require complex collaboration. There is much expectation with respect to the developments in the future; therefore, NARD Institute Ltd. is committed to provide support from the viewpoint of organic compound development.


Using the highly stable and modifiable Cypridina luciferase, a new immunoassay system, exhibiting 10 times the sensitivity of conventional methods, is under development. It shows promise for future use in the medical field.
We are synthesizing Cypridina luciferin (VARGULA LUCIFERIN) as a substrate for bioluminescence.

Cypridina luciferase light emission

An imaging technology based on Cypridina luciferin was developed by Yoshihiro Ohmiya's Cell Dynamics research group at the Cell Engineering Department of the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology.

Theme 2: Fluorescent labeling of organelles

Nard Institute proposes molecules of substances that selectively label intracellular organelles.
In recent years, the function of organelles such as mitochondria has been highlighted as an important research target. Therefore, Nard Institute has been working with the academia research institute to develop selectively labeled compounds with the aim of supporting research on regenerative medicine and biochemistry.

Organelles within cells have unique chemical properties. We propose a molecule with enhanced organelle selectivity by introducing a suitable probe for that property. In addition, we will propose the total design of the molecule including the selection of the fluorophore, the solubility of the whole molecule and the design of the linker connecting the probe and the fluorophore.

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