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Medical polymers and biomaterials

We provide assistance in research and development of polymer materials that will be in contact with skin and blood cells.
The development of biocompatible materials has been the subject of considerable attention in research and development in the fields of medical devices and regenerative medicine. In the development of biocompatible materials, the chemical and physical characteristics of the surface are particularly important. The characteristics of the surface of the material can affect the cells that come into contact with the material. The adhesion of the cells to the surface may be promoted or inhibited or the secretion of growth factors may be affected by the extracellular stimulation triggered by the contact of the cells with the material surface.

Our company reviews and examines the development of such materials from the biochemical viewpoint and contributes to your research and development.

Pilot production of coating polymers for devices and instruments
Development of the production process flow for medical polymers
Support for the development of biodegradable polymers
Chemical modification of the active bases in polymers
Fluorescent labeling and functional molecule labeling of polymers (biochemical reagent for research use)
Hydrogel modification

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