Contract Research System

This is our unique contract research system;
guaranteeing you the biggest progress on a tight schedule.

NARD Institute currently comprises Life Science research groups and Materials Science groups. In every case, each challenge will be assigned to the most appropriate group, who will dedicate themselves to research and development in that area.

Also, the Corporate Research group meets various other needs of our clients, such as collaborative research.

As all reports are produced personally by the researcher in question, our system guarantees consistency in responsibility. Contract research expenses are the calculated cost of manpower, and at completion we provide all results to the customer.

Another unique idea: we charge a success fee, which only applies when the research results from our contract make a contribution to commercialization. This will be discussed in detail during the contract stage of negotiations.

And once we conclude a contract for 'proposal-based business' or 'coordinated business', you may rest assured that NARD will provide unrivalled support for your research.


We will meet to discuss the outline of your research issues. Of course, confidentiality is guaranteed from this point.

Detailed Discussions

After concluding a confidentiality agreement, we would require that relevant techniques and background technologies be disclosed in detail.
In the case of contract manufacturing, details regarding manufacturing processes would also be required.

Plans and Estimate

We then present a preliminary research plan or manufacturing specification, including an estimate.
As a rule, we charge no fee at this stage.


Subject to your approval of the specification and estimate, a contract will be finalized and signed.
Of course, the contents of the contract will be discussed in detail.


With communication continuing between relevant parties, research, experimentation, or manufacturing will be conducted in accordance with the specification.
If the implementation period spans several months, consultation will be performed at least once per month, involving progress reports and confirmation of plans.

Report / Delivery

At completion of research or production, a report and product sample will be delivered.
After reaching agreement, details of any success fee will be specified under contract.

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