Experimental and Theoretical Support for Organic Synthesis

A unique contract research system integrating synthetic experimentation and theoretical calculation, we promise you the best research results in a limited time-frame. This is a collaborative venture from NARD Institute and TS Technology.

Research Subject (synthesis of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, process development, scale-up for production)

  • With TS Technology's theoretical calculations being performed in parallel with synthetic experimentation by NARD Institute, it is possible to proceed efficiently in a wide range of research and development fields.
  • A non-disclosure agreement is signed by all three companies.

Synthetic Experimentation  Theoretical Calculations

  • Compound synthesis
  • High-throughput screening, analysis
  • Library synthesis, experimental synthesis
  • Reaction analysis
  • Reactivity/selectivity prediction
  • Substituent effects, physical properties, reaction pathway constriction

Report and delivery (compound, report, theoretical calculation results)

  • Aside from the report and delivery, you may also receive theoretical fundamentals related to synthesis and analysis (from calculation results).

Improvements in speed and reliability of research and development!

From theoretical calculation to synthetic experimentation – through the mutual exchange of new knowledge, reaction proposals, and experimental data – we not only accelerate the pace of the research and development, but also provide compounds and data with a high reliability based on theoretical fundamentals.

NARD Institute Ltd.
NARD Institute Ltd.

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TS Technology Ltd.
TS Technology Ltd.

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TEL: +81-836-35-9228  FAX: +81-836-35-9228
URL: http://www.tstcl.jp/
EMAIL: info@tstcl.jp

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