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Collaborative Research

Making use of our skills in fine chemical synthesis and functional material development, along with advanced synthesis and composite technologies, it is possible to proceed in collaborative research with our customers.While we work on on compound synthesis or functional material development, the customer focuses on evaluation and application. By sharing the challenge and concentrating on our respective areas, research efficiency will be increased.We aim for registration of joint patents, and hope to cooperate further in actual application of the results.

Joint development of new PET ligand

Taking advantage of our own synthesis technology, we perform process development, compounds production, and design of new ligands for pharmaceutical use.While NARD Institute concentrates on synthesis of precursors for PET reagents , the customer focuses on HOT synthesis, pharmacokinetics, and biological evaluation. Working together, we can drive forward progress in your search for new ligands. GMP-compliant NARD Chemicals will take care of manufacturing, so together we can provide a broad base of support across the clinical drug development process.

We are also involved in many other fields, including advanced chemicals for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, biotechnology, organic EL materials, fuel cells, organic thin-film solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cell, microwave synthesis, and more.

NB: We are highly flexible regarding the structure of collaborative research projects. Firstly, please contact us with your inquiry.
There are many more examples of our achievements and capabilities. Please feel free to inquire.
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