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Organic Semiconductors and Picene

Organic semiconductors are organic materials exhibiting some properties of traditional semiconductors, and are expected to feature in applications such as field-effect transistors, organic solar cells, and more.

Making use of our own sublimation equipment for purification, NARD Institute manufactures for market high-purity organic semiconductors such as picene. We accept orders of any size from samples for research to industrial production. Additional services, such as higher purity and additional analysis, are available on request.

We have recently released once-sublimated picene (99.9%) as a new product.
Please refer to the PDF document for further details.

Sale of sublimated materials

Using our own sublimation equipment, we are producing organic semiconductor materials at over 99.9% purity.
We accommodate orders of any size, from samples for research to industrial production.
With regards to higher purity and analytical services, please contact us for further consultation.

sublimated materials
Pentacene and picene
Pentacene and picene
Phenacenes and field-effect transistor characteristics
Phenacenes and field-effect transistor characteristics

Phenacenes Purification of picene by sublimation

Purification of picene by sublimation
Phenacenes Sublimation under gas-flow
Vapour-phase crystal growth of phenacenes
Sublimation under gas-flow

Materials Science Group 5 technical services and products

Manufacture of high-purity organic compounds

Service Example Application
Large-scale photochemical and microwave reactions Development of scale-up methods using flow-reactors Photochemical mass-production of organic materials
High-performance sublimation purification equipment, high-volume processing technologies Achievement of ultra-high purity organic semiconductors by refinement of methods and control of metal impurities Production of organic EL and thin-film solar cell materials
Use of clean facilities Cleanroom production of high-purity organic semiconductors
Processing of organic semiconductor inks
Printable electronics
Commercialization of organic semiconductors Photochemical synthesis of phenacenes and their application in field-effect transistors Sale of reagents for research
What is phenacene?

·Generally, an aromatic hydrocarbon comprising benzene rings fused in a zig-zag pattern
·Nomenclature follows the pattern [n]phenacene, where n is the number of fused rings
·Even as n increases, they are unusually stable under exposure to light and oxygen.
·In contract to acenes, synthetic difficulty has severely limited application in functional materials
·Solubility quickly diminishes when n is 6 or more
·Expected to have applications in organic electronics, such as organic field-effect transistors, superconductors, etc.

Synthesis of picene
Synthesis of picene
Problems of batch production for photoreactions
Problems of batch production for photoreactions

·Reaction speed significantly decreases as concentration increases
·In larger reaction vessels, light cannot reach all areas evenly
·In large vessels with powerful lamps, generated heat becomes difficult to control

Large-scale photochemical synthesis of organic materials is difficult

Flow-synthesis equipment for photoreactions
Flow-synthesis equipment for photoreactions

The reaction mixture is pumped through a tube encircling the light source.

Photo flow reactor
Photo flow reactor


·Shorter reaction time
·Simpler purification
·Higher yield
·Facile scale-up
·Comparable yield improvement with no use of propylene oxide

Note: Relative Spectral Energy Distributions of Hg Lamps
Note: Relative Spectral Energy Distributions of Hg Lamps

Contract synthesis of organic semiconductors

Organic transistor materials, organic thin-film solar cell materials, organic EL material, etc.

Small-scale trial synthesis Synthesis of known substances, new compounds, derivatives (introduction of soluble substituents), etc.
Mass production Production process development, manufacturing scale up to 100 kg / year, ISO9001 quality assurance
Contract research FTE system Make use of NARD Institute's organic synthesis researchers and equipment,
for a fixed period of time.
Price Processing cost (unit price x working days) + feedstock + analysis + waste disposal
Features Fast and cost-effective!

Contract sublimation service

This is a contracted service for purification of organic compounds by sublimation.
Thermal analysis, HPLC purity analysis, etc. are available as optional extra services.

There are many more examples of our achievements and capabilities. Please feel free to inquire.
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