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Optically-active Substances

Materials Science Group 6 has synthesized the following products by use of an asymmetric hydrogenation catalyst.
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(R) -3-Hydroxybutanoic   Acid Ethylester 98%ee
(R) -3-Hydroxybutanoic Acid Methylester   98%ee
(S) -3-Hydroxybutanoic Acid Ethylester 98%ee
(S) -3-Hydroxybutanoic Acid Methylester 98%ee
(2R、4R)   -Pentanediol 98%ee
(2S、4S) -Pentanediol 98%ee

In addition to the above compounds, we accommodate requests for custom synthesis using asymmetric hydrogenation catalysts.

There are many more examples of our achievements and capabilities. Please feel free to inquire.
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