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Sublimation Purification

Contract sublimation service

This is a contracted service for purification of organic compounds by sublimation.
Thermal analysis, HPLC purity analysis, inorganic analysis, etc. are available as optional extra services.

Sublimation facilities

Sublimation equipment
1 kg scale sublimation equipment

1 kg scale sublimation equipment

·Overheating protection
·Vacuum deterioration protection
·10-zone temperature control (5 lateral x 2 vertical)

Clean facilities
Cleanroom exterior
Cleanroom exterior
Air shower
Air shower
Cleanroom, class 10000
Cleanroom, class 10000
Clean draft, class 100
Clean draft
class 100
Vacuum pump x10
Turbo molecular pump (oil-free)
Oil-diffusion pump
NARD original sublimation equipment x10
Capacity: over 100 kg/year for each machine
Heater: max. 700℃
Clean facilities
Cleanroom, class 10000
Clean bench, class 100
Sublimation techniques
Thermal-gradient (train) sublimation
Sublimation under inert atmosphere
High temperature distillation

Sublimation equipment configuration

1. Vacuum pump 2. Cold trap 3. Sublimation unit
Oil-diffusion pump
High vacuum: 5 mPa
-70℃ Pyrex sublimation vessel
4-zone tubular heater
Temperature control
Data log

Sale of sublimation equipment

Using our own sublimation equipment, we are producing organic semiconductor materials at over 99.9% purity.
We accommodate orders of any size, from samples for research to industrial production.
With regards to higher purity and analytical services, please contact us for further consultation.


·Contract sublimation service began in 2002
·Since 2002 we have been continuously developing and improving our equipment
·We have experience of over 1000 types of sample
·We have experience subliming batches between 100mg and 500g

There are many more examples of our achievements and capabilities. Please feel free to inquire.
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