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Synthesis of Functional Materials

From initial development and small-scale sample synthesis, to scale-up studies and manufacturing, we provide broad-based support to meet the needs of our customers.From general-use materials to the latest developments in areas such as electronic materials, we provide a wide range of support.

Organic reactions Organic synthesis is generally supported
Polymerization reactions Radical, ion, electric-field, condensation, etc.
Polymer blending and modification Grafting, oxidation, reduction
Synthesis and preparation of inorganic compounds Sol-gel reaction, hydrothermal synthesis
Processing Sintering, filtering, etc.
Composite materials Mixing, dispersal, coating


Organic Dye-sensitized solar cell materials, organic EL materials, pentacene, optically active substances, dendrimers ...
Organic polymers Medical-use polymers, battery and electronic materials, synthetic rubbers, automobile materials, polymer film preparation, biodegradable plastic, various super-engineering projects
Inorganic materials Battery and electronic materials, metallic nanoparticles, ceramics, carbon materials
Composite materials Radiation dose indicator, various specialized paints
There are many more examples of our achievements and capabilities. Please feel free to inquire.
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