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Flow Microreactor

We support research with microreactor flow synthesis.

First of all, please contact us for a consultation.

We guarantee confidentiality.
In accordance with your wishes, we will create a proposal for experimentation.

We will accommodate the customer's various requirements.

We investigate process optimization. Y-shaped, T-shaped, static, and helical mixers are on offer.
We are also happy to perform studies with mixers provided by the customer.
If a more specialized device is required, please feel free to discuss this with us.
As well as providing the appropriate progress reports, we continue to confirm the customer's wishes and proceed with studies accordingly.
All results remain the property of the customer.

Even starting from a small scale, achieving continuous synthesis is possible.

With computer-controlled syringe pumps, the valuable sample will never be wasted. Multi-stage reactions are also possible.
With linked syringe and plunger pumps, continuous operation is possible.

YMC KeyChem Basic
YMC KeyChem L Full-spec
There are many more examples of our achievements and capabilities. Please feel free to inquire.
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