Message from the President - NARD Chemicals Ltd.

As your valuable partner in the chemical industry,
our mission is to provide advanced contract manufacturing solutions.

NARD Chemicals Ltd. was established in 1983 as the scale-up department of the NARD Institute. Since inheriting the unique NARD Spirit, for over 30 years we have been specializing in contract manufacturing of R&D-phase chemicals.

From their achievements in rapid scale-up, working even before finalization of synthetic procedure, our employees have each cultivated a wealth of experience. This is our greatest asset.

In 1995 we became licensed as a pharmaceutical manufacturer, and in 1999 acquired ISO9002 certification (now ISO9001), as well as improving our quality assurance system.

Manufacturing facilities include reactors from 50 L to 3000 L, and other highly-adaptable custom equipment. Kilogram-scale sublimation equipment was installed in December 2011, allowing us to establish a system for production of high-purity sublimation products in a clean environment.

The scope of our operations ranges from the field of Life Science, including pharmaceuticals, to Materials Science, including electronics. Further, production ranging from small molecules to macromolecules has been increasing in recent years.

By establishing a production process for each compound, appropriate to its stage in development, NARD Chemicals are confident that our system will play a vital role in addressing your unique challenges, in both R&D and production.

Working closely with the NARD Institute, always inspired by the NARD Spirit, we will go on contributing to society as R&D support specialists.

Akihiko Kawasaki

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