Environmental Policy - NARD Institute Ltd.

  NARD Institute Ltd. is a company providing contract research services.
  Corporate Research achievements make a profound contribution to human culture, and the resulting materials and processes determine the environmental impact of the manufactured products.
  Being well aware of this, holding due consideration for the global environment, we set out this environmental policy. With our wisdom and expertise, we will strive to realize it.


  1. By establishing an environment management system, and with the participation of every employee in its implementation and continuous improvement, we will endeavor to prevent pollution and fulfill our social responsibility to protect the global environment.

  2. To prevent environmental pollution, we will abide by all relevant legal regulations, as well as all other codes of conduct we believe in.

  3. Through the following environmentally friendly research activities, we will actively facilitation protection of the global environment.

    ·Research to minimize environmental stress caused by reagents and products
    ·Research alternatives to products causing environmental stress
    ·Research to minimize environmental stress caused by manufacturing processes
    ·Research into resource- and energy-conservation

  4. To preserve limited natural resources and the rich natural environment, we will endeavour to minimize waste and maximize energy efficiency.

  5. To fulfill these duties, we will make this policy known to all employees and spare no effort in the realms of education and awareness, to ensure a qualitative improvement in environmental action.

We announce this environmental policy to Japan and the world.

1st April 2014

President: Yukio Dohi

NARD Institute Ltd. is an ISO14001 certified company.
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